PrivacyOneStop is a consultancy firm specialized in providing data privacy services to entities across the globe.

Data privacy compliance is a journey, which every organization must set out on sooner or later. It is not a question of when, but who do you start the journey with? And how many stops do you have to make on the way?

Choosing a companion with the right expertise will help you steer through privacy compliance and make it a smooth ride, without interruptions.

We are a data privacy consultancy team offering a one-stop solution to all your data privacy needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is here to understand your business’ data privacy requirements, help you asses and operationalise requirements under various data privacy laws, set up or enhance your privacy programme, and advise on different data privacy matters or become your Data Protection Officer.

Our privacy services

We can help you meet your privacy regulatory obligations or enhance your privacy programme and use it as advantage with your customers and employees. Depending on your needs, we offer toolkits ready to use or we can develop a tailored plan for you. Our range of services includes:

- Establishing and running privacy programmes

- Gap analysis

- Data protection impact assessment (DPIA) / Privacy impact assessments (PIA)

- Setting up internal governance

- Drafting privacy related policies and procedures

- Data mapping

- Transfer impact assessments / Data flow reviews

- Conducting data privacy audits

- Cookie compliance

- Marketing compliance

- Advising on best practices

- Data privacy training

- Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a service